KinexCare providers are uniquely qualified. Every day, we compare our customer service experience and clinical outcomes to other providers across the nation. We are national leaders in measurable performance; and community leaders in the markets we serve. We excel in practice and professional growth through innovation and value creation in the care we give and the lives we improve.

The KinexCare Provider Network offers its member practices a larger voice and greater impact in this rapidly changing healthcare market. We are well ahead of the curve and intend to stay there. We value purpose, autonomy, and mastery in our professional teams; while creating exceptional value by providing our patients and clients with a reliably superior service experience. Not everyone is qualified to join the KinexCare Network and participation is limited.

KinexCare member practices are privately owned by Physical Therapists making them 100% invested in the quality and delivery of exceptional care. Do you share our KinexCare values, and our “All in” commitment to performance and excellence? Contact us to learn more or APPLY today!