Employers tell us their health care costs are too high. They want better safety records, lower workers compensation costs, and to save money on group health. Today, more than ever, many companies are moving to self-insurance, where they are bearing the risk of medical costs instead of an insurer. We tell them there is a proven solution to improve safety, lower these costs, and manage these risks. It is through collaboration to create high value solutions that optimize physical wellbeing and performance, that prevent costly injury/illness, and that sustain an aging workforce. It is through the right intervention, at the right time, and at the right cost. Our solution builds employee loyalty and delivers superior return on investment (ROI).

Our comprehensive services encompass: assessments, strategic planning, compliance, screening, first aid, primary care, therapy, rehabilitation, case management, fitness, wellness, ergonomics, monitoring, detection, tracking, reporting, and more, delivered onsite, off-site and online.

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“I really believe that what you have done for our worker’s physical (and even mental) well-being has been the best pro-active step that we have ever taken here at Cardinal.

A.K. | Human Resources Manager | Cardinal Glass

“Your onsite services saved our company over a hundred thousand dollars this past year!”

Safety Director, Wisconsin